, Atelier Luma

Renovation of the Réfectoire by the Martino Gamper studio and Atelier LUMA

Martino Gamper and his team started their residency at Atelier LUMA in October 2019. Their first stay in Arles, from October to December 2019, allowed them to get to know the local area and its potential, and to familiarize themselves with the research conducted at Atelier LUMA.

This lively and social residency was punctuated by banquets that Martino’s team organized from start to finish with the support of Atelier LUMA, including everything from the furniture design to the menu, the music, the lights, and more.

Designer Martino Gamper in residency at Atelier LUMA

After this first residency marked by hosting and entertaining, the idea came about to collaborate on the decor for the future heart of hospitality at the Parc des Ateliers, the new Le Réfectoire restaurant.

Martino Gamper, in collaboration with Atelier LUMA, designed an assortment of furnishings that were prototyped at Atelier LUMA and manufactured internally or with local collaborators.

Every object made for the decor has a story: rooted in the local area thanks to the use of local resources and know-how, produced and prototyped by Martino Gamper and Atelier LUMA’s team in collaboration with local companies, and using research into materials suited for artistic expression, all components of the Tutti Frutti project contribute to its colorful backstory and goals.

The following furnishings have been installed: wrought-iron chairs using bioplastics developed from local grignons d’olives and ochres; benches and banquette seating upholstered with felted Arles Merino wool dyed with madder (garance de Provence) and filled with rice straw; tables, lamps, and window screens made from paper yarn; and shade screens dyed with Provence indigo. The wall coatings, a mixture of rice straw and ochres, and the biolaminate wall panels made from mussel shells, were also developed by the Atelier’s teams.

Tutti Frutti by Martino Gamper and his studio