, Atelier Luma

Rooting - A modular tile system by AATB nominated for the Swiss Design Awards

Rooting is a modular tile system designed for outdoor applications, developed by AATB in collaboration with Atelier Luma in 2018-2020. In 2021, Rooting is nominated for the Swiss Design Awards.

Rooting is an extensive family of concrete tiles. Half of the volume of each tile is filled with soil, allowing plants, grasses and mosses to grow. The backside of Rooting is just like a good Swiss cheese : full of holes. This permeable design allows water to drain and vegetation to take root.

There are three different types of tiles: core tiles, transitional tiles and peripheral tiles: they can be arranged in a continuous pattern, each module can be rotated 90 degrees to blend in with its neighboring modules. This provides flexibility to cover variable areas with a non-repeating pattern, creating unique spaces, terrasses and pathways. Designed for applications in public and busy spaces, Rooting complies with general accessibility regulations and standards.

The Rooting pattern is based on the “Reaction Diffusion” algorithm, that is responsible for patterns formation in nature, as for example in animal skins and furs or mollusc’s shells. AATB has developed their own software that uses the same algorithm, allowing them to "grow" patterns from the parameters they defined for this project.