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Monthly Review #10

— Donna Haraway: "Our existence depends on our ability to live together" (Manifesto of companion species) | by Christine Marcandier | Diacritik | 26 March 2019

This article introduces Donna Haraway's research methodology as Professor Emerita in the Department of Humanities at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she held the Chair of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies and is mostly known for deconstructing nature/culture, human/non-human divisions. This review focuses on her latest publication, recently translated in French, The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People and Significant Otherness, in which Haraway explores the dog/human relationship and establishes new ethics and practice of what she coined "partners relationships". Based on her personal experience with her canine partners, she gives us another perception of the world by rewriting the history dominated by anthropocentrism. (Article in French)

— Moulding the Square | by Francesca Astesani | Kvadrat Interwoven

This article tells the story of Rochester Square in Camden and how the site, which has into disuse, was reinvested by the couple formed by Francesca Astesani and her husband Eric Wragge to make it a place to live, driven by community spirit, cooking and collaborative arts.

— Formafantasma and Dzek create a collection of volcanic ash glazed tiles | by Gunseli Yalcinkaya | Dezeen | April 16, 2019

ExCinere is the last project by Italian duo Formafantasma in collaboration with architectural materials brand Dzek. Exhibited during the Milan Design Week, which took place between 9 and 14 of April, 2019, the collection of glazed porcelain tiles, made out of volcanic ash from Etna, is a surprising material with a retro design and colors. Formafantasma pursues its quest of new raw materials, inspired this time by the Sicilian landscape, they aim at demonstrating the full potential of volcanic ash, which is naturally-occurring, self-generating, and abundant.

— Disegno Podcast: Salone del Mobile 2019 | by Oli Stratford, Kristina Rapacki, Johanna Agerman Ross | Disegno | April 18, 2019

What is Salone del Mobile and what is the impact of its annual programme on the work of designers and manufacturers? How to think about the role of the designer in the era of the climate crisis? And what does it mean for design to design? These are some of the questions addressed by Oli Stratford, editor-in-chief of Disegno, Kristina Rapacki, assistant editor-in-chief, and Johanna Agerman Ross, founding editor and director of publication in this podcast published by Disegno.

— Timothy Morton's Ecological Thought | by Géraldine Mosna-Savoye | Le Journal de la Philo on France Culture | March 25, 2019

This five-minute radio show presents Timothy Morton's book La pensée écologique recently translated in French. His essay addresses the issue of how to make ecology a formal thought, and not just intended for empty political speeches, or conversely, for small specific initiatives that sometimes only make people feel guilt-free. Like Donna Haraway, he sees ecology as a whole, far from the classic human/non-human and nature/culture oppositions. For Morton, ecology is as much about global warming, recycling and solar energy as it is about love, loss, despair and compassion. A five-minute summary for a must-read book. (Podcast in French)

— Reference Tool of the Month | Alice Rawsthorn’s Instagram

Alice Rawsthorn, uses Instagram as a design criticism tool and engages in thematic explorations of topics ranging from film titles to feminism. She uses Instagram like no one else: each of her posts is intended to be a small design course thanks to explanatory legends using all the available text space. An enlightening and accessible must-read design encyclopedia.