, Atelier Luma

Prototype Mahjouba Arles

Atelier LUMA invited artist Eric van Hove to imagine, in the context of Arles, a prototype based on his Morocco-based Mahjouba Initiative: a reinvented, decentralized, and relational production model for manufacturing electric mopeds, made by craftsmen and 3D printers, for the local Moroccan consumer good market. The Arles Mahjouba prototype uses the chassis of the Renault Twizy as a base. The Twizy is not only a sturdy and well-known French electric vehicle but recently became a POM (Platform Open Mind) open-source product, available to everyone and enabling the co-creation of new, fully customizable electric

The project maps Arlesian innovations in transportation and distribution and seeks to enhance them in multiple ways. Bringing together local capacities and craftsmanship, it aims to create a locally flavoured transportation alternative. Using open-source thinking and a digital layer, the goal is to come up with a modular transportation solution that can be used by the public sector in Arles and beyond.