, Atelier Luma

Designer in residency Coralie Gourguechon - Papier électronique

This project seeks an alternative to the throwaway mentality that generates fifty million tonnes of electrical household waste every year.

Listen to Coralie Gourguechon's podcast recorded at Social Club #2

The project conducts new research on issues of waste and object longevity in the field of electronics. The goal is to reduce the quantity of materials used, to facilitate their reuse or recycling, and to create quality objects. Starting from the fundamental element of any electronic device – the circuit -, this project reconsiders the object entirely, from its design to its production and its use.

The componants and materials as well as the assembly – disassembly process are being rethought in an innovative fashion. The first phase of reflection – that lie on the association of new technological materials and the know-how of local craftsmen, research centers and industries - resulted in the exploration of paper-based inkjet-printed flexible electronic circuits.

The unusual alliance of electronics and paper generates translucent, poetic lighting devices that show the full potential of their components. Playing with folds, light, and air, Paper electronics opens new possibilities for users and makers of traditional appliances. Given these first encouraging experimentations, the making of a locally-produced paper with local material is currently envisaged.