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Monthly Review #7

The first digital manufacturing laboratory for architecture and design in Africa | By Salvatore Peluso | Domus | December 27, 2018

This article is an interview with Paolo Cascone, founder of COdesignLab and director of the African Fabbers School. The school is an innovative educational project that combines research and design, technological innovation and traditional culture. Born from the scarcity of design and architecture schools, the school was first itinerant and is now located in Douala, Cameroon. It proposes to make the link between Western technologies and vernacular culture in line with the phenomenal economic growth that the continent is experiencing. To this end, its teams work with a network of actors operating between Europe and Africa and thus associate themselves with regional and artistic institutions, prestigious universities and craft cooperatives, NGOs, private foundations and individuals interested in the project.

What is Glitter ? | By Caity Weaver | The New York Times | December 21, 2018

During this holiday season, glitter is everywhere. In this article, the New York Times investigates these little shiny things that fascinate the human eye and its conclusions are far from being brilliant: commercial opacity and ecological disaster are the two sides of the road to refracted light.

The Heavy Carbon Footprint of Contemporary Art | By Jill Gasparina | Le Temps | January 6, 2019

While the ecological consciousnesses are awakening in a growing number of sectors, the cultural world, as for him, has far from started to green itself. Between transports, wastes and non-compliant buildings, focus on what has become an embarrassing lateness. Article in French.

DUE BAR | Collective | 4th Istanbul Biennale 2018 | Janvier 1st 2019

DUE is a weekly publication of the Architectural Association, School of Architecture London, edited by Sofia Pia Belenky, Hunter O’brien Doyle and Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard. The publication aims at exploring the impacts of urgent contemporary topics upon architecture. The first issue of 2019 features a collection of talks with DUE editors during the opening days of A School of Schools, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial with, among others, Atelier Luma designers in residency AATB and Justin McGuirk, Alexandra Midal, Mark Wigley, Martina Muzi, Tamar Shafrir, etc.

Political, forensic, hi-tech: how 'research architecture' is redefining art | By Elizabeth Fullerton | The Guardian | January 6, 2019

In the 1990s, Goldsmiths college in London spawned the YBAs (Young British Artists). Now, it has incubated a very different group – whose work is as likely to turn up in an international court as in a gallery. The Center for Research Architecture (CRA), created 15 years ago, as seen a new type of practitioners emerging such as Forensic Architecture and Cooking Sections that offer a radically different practice of art aiming at effecting political change.