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Monthly Review #12

— What is Above is What is Below | Daniel Fernández Pascual, Alon Schwabe | e-flux architecture | May 21, 2019

Cooking Sections is a duo of artist-researchers formed by Daniel Fernandez Pascual and Alon Schawbe. Their practice focuses on the potential intersections between geopolitics, visual arts and architecture. In this essay, they explore the political history of Sicilian pipelines. A complete survey combining landscape, corruption, architectural innovations and agriculture.

— Totomoxtle is a material bringing rare corn back from the brink of extinction | India Block | dezeen | May 30, 2019

Mexican designer Fernando Laposse has developed Totomoxtle, a marquetry material made from coloured pods of mexican heritage corn species that restore vital biodiversity while stimulating circular economy. The material is currently on display at the V&A Museum in London as part of its latest exhibition Food: Bigger than the Plate, which focuses on the future of feeding compost to the plate.

— Matthieu Duperrex : Geography and travel in uncertain soil (The Great Interview) | Jean-Christophe Cavallin | Diacritik | May 27, 2019

This is an extensive interview conducted by Jean-Christophe Cavallin with French philosopher Matthieu Duperrex, author of the recently released Journeys in incertain soil. Investigating the Rhone and Mississippi deltas (Wildproject). Duperrex addresses this landscape writing as a dialogue between the two rivers where geography and geology find their etymological roots in order to better embrace them. (Article in French)

— The return of the wolf | Pierre Caumont | Mediapart | May 28, 2019

In his book Les Diplomates, Baptiste Morizot deconstructs the clichés around wolf to consider its virtuous impact on the ecosystems he inhabits. This article sheds light on Baptiste Morizot's main philosophical research topics at the crossroads of history and naturalism with a focus on the ignorance and damage that have contributed for several centuries to an eco-systemic and species disaster. (Article in French)

— Interlace | Anna Colin, Hella Jongerius |Kvadrat Interwoven | May 28, 2019

Created by the Galeries Lafayette group, Lafayette Anticipations Foundation for contemporary creation is currently holding the first solo exhibition of textile designer Hella Jongerius until next September. Interlace, textile research takes over the entire modular space of Lafayette Anticipations' surprising building designed by Rem Koolhaas. In this interview, curator Anna Colin discusses with Hella Jongerius her practice as a designer and her perception of the exhibition.

— Thomas Heams: "Is the idea of a boundary between the living and the non-living really relevant?" | Erwan Cario | Libération | May 31, 2019

In this interview, Thomas Heams, researcher at INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research), lecturer in genomics and author of Infravies discusses the paradigm shift advocated in his work about the boundary between the living and the non-living by questioning the concepts of the miracle of life, DNA and movement. (Article in French)

— Tool of the month | Atlas of the night sky

This atlas of the night sky was created in 2016 by the Institute of Science and Light Pollution to identify the places in the world from which stars can be seen. In this text, the co-founders of Studio Monnik, Christiaan Fruneaux and Edwin Gardner, question the anthropocentrism that they blame for a lack of perspective on our time and our environment as evidenced by the disappearance of the stars.