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AR Pilot Issue: AR#0 Bioremediation

Atelier LUMA is pleased to announce the launch of AR’s pilot issue, AR#0 Bioremediation.

AR is a multi- and transdisciplinary publication that uses algae as a lens to examine the cultural, economic, social and ethical topics at the heart of Atelier LUMA’s work and that of its contributors.

The pilot issue, AR#0 Bioremediation, explores the complex questions surrounding bioremediation and seeks to reveal new paradigms in the relationships between humans and non-humans.

Read AR#0 online:

in English
in French

AR is a bilingual publication that can be read in French or in English, from opposite covers. It features:

“Neither Leave Here, nor Die Here, but Really Live Here”
by Pauline Briand

The Phosfarm Project: A Restorative Algae Farm
by Samuel Iliffe

A Design Manifesto for Bioremediation: 10 Principles for the Creation of Sustainable Systems for Environmental Benefit
by Brenda Parker, Deepak Rawat, Shneel Malik, Anaëlle Vilatte, and Marcos Cruz

Algae on the Move
by Mélanie Corre

The curves and branches of the algae species Bifurcaria bifurcata inspired the typeface used for AR’s logo and visual identity. Its creators, Julien Villaret et Jonathan Shi, are exploring the hybridization of seaweeds and letters in a series of alga-morphic typefaces, of which Algalphabet Bifurcaria is the first.

The layout is structured to start in the middle of the publication and extend out to its extremities. Graphic designer Christine Denamur took inspiration from the way algae proliferates and can take over spaces. AR’s template can be adapted to a wide variety of types of content.

AR is risograph printed in Paris by Quintal Éditions. Each issue is printed in two colors, and sized to minimize paper waste. The risograph printing method means that each copy is unique.

You can purchase a physical copy of AR’s pilot issue for 12 euros (before shipping). Please send us your shipping details (name, address, country) at algaeplatform@atelier-luma.org so we can determine the shipping cost and send your invoice.