, Atelier Luma

Inauguration of Le Magasin Électrique

How can we use local resources in ways that make environmental and social systems stronger?

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Atelier LUMA has been exploring bioregional design practices in the South of France and elsewhere since 2016. In contrast to territories, which have human-made borders, bioregions are defined by ecosystems and environmental conditions, and by how people have lived in and alongside them.

Since 2019, the Atelier LUMA team has been collaborating with BC architects & studies and Assemble on the Lot 8 project to renovate Le Magasin Électrique. Located in the Parc des Ateliers, this building is designed as a pilot for an architecture that places at the heart of its approach the valorization of traditional know-how, collective experiments on-site, the development of materials rooted in the Arles bioregion and the creation of a local and international network of expertise to share knowledge.