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Atelier Luma x DATABIT.ME

Hackathon with Festival Databit.me #7 2017 guests in collaboration with our designers in residency, Coralie Gourguechon, Jesse Howard, and Thibault Brevet. The idea? Try to play music on a paper synthesizer with a robotic arm, such as those used in the industry. New forms of Research & Development into time and place unity, still in the game. Starting from 5pm, join the public recording of the radio show la clique numérique (Radio Grenouille) animated by Zinc.


10am – 5pm/ Hackathon – Open to the public

5pm – 7pm / Presentation of the results

Free, by registration - info@atelier-luma.org

Access to machinery, materials, and techniques once reserved for large-scale, capital-intensive, industry (or extremely specialized professionals) is becoming widespread. As a consequence, 'industrial' concerns, such as automation and flexible manufacturing, can now provide a backdrop for expanding and developing new avenues for creative practice. Within Atelier LUMA, we will explore these new practices through two projects respectively introducing printed flexible electronics and the repurposing of an industrial robot. With the use of conductive ink and open-source electronics prototyping platforms, participants will create custom electronic musical instruments on paper.

While simultaneously, others will explore the practice and possibilities of reprograming an industrial robotic arm for creative use: though typically regarded as ‘specialized' machinery, these tools can be approached more generally as an open, generic template that moves freely and precisely through space and thus can be repurposed at will. Through both digital simulation and real-time interaction, participants will propose and program new movements and manipulations for this piece of industrial equipment