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Flashback - Algaetype workshop

From July 9 to July 12, the workshop “Algaetype: Materializing the landscapes of the Camargue through organic photography” took place in Arles and its region.

Conceived by Atelier LUMA and the National School of Photography (Arles) and supervised by experts Diane Trouillet (artist, researcher), Kristof Vrancken (experimental photographer) , and Seppe Moons (photographer), the workshop aimed at opening the doors of the Camargue through photography and science. The participants were invited to discover or rediscover the Camargue, along with its resources and the issues at stake in the territory, to capture the beauty of the landscapes and to introduce themselves to scientific experimentation and artistic innovation. Over the course of four days, they harvested algae, took pictures of their surroundings, produced paper and algae emulsions and developed photographs in the sunlight.

The workshop gathered people from various disciplines—biologists, photographers, historians, art students, curators, artists—providing a remarkable dimension to the project and enabling a precious collective intelligence to emerge. Their work will be exhibited at Atelier Luma and at the ENSP for a few days from September 20.

9-12 July 2018 Atelier Luma, Parc des Ateliers, Arles ENSP, Arles

Free of charge / Upon registration: info@atelier-luma.org 10 people max.

https://www.ensp-arles.fr/ https://www.atelier-luma.org