, Crystallization Plant

Designer profile: Karlijn Sibbel

Since the end of July, Atelier LUMA has been hosting creative researcher and designer Karlijn Sibbel, who is visiting us from the Netherlands in order to continue researching and experimenting with Camarguaise salt. Karlijn is currently pursuing a double master’s program in Innovation Design Engineering at Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, and she has visited Atelier LUMA previously to participate in the salt workshop that occurred prior to the LUMA days.

Motivated by her fascination with life sciences and natural phenomena, Karlijn’s previous projects and experiments have stemmed from the intersection of design, science, nature and technology. This includes prior works involving raw wool, algae, sugar beet pulp, bacterial cellulose from kombucha, and both 3D-printed and crystallised salt.

During her time in Arles, Karlijn has been spending time familiarizing herself with the salt flats near Salin-de-Giraud, where natural crystallisation processes can be observed as they occur below the water and near the edges of the salt fields. Karlijn approaches this beautiful and puzzling landscape equally as a designer and a scientist, as she considers technical, physical and aesthetic qualities of salt.
With time, certain aspects of her work will become more clear, and are sure to be met with great enthusiasm!