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Call for proposals: AR#1 - Bioremediation

The Algae Review is evolving into AR, a new multi- and transdisciplinary publication that uses algae as a lens to examine the cultural, economic, social and ethical topics at the heart of Atelier LUMA’s work and that of its contributors.

In both print and digital formats, AR will be published in 6 bilingual issues (French-English). Each issue will be structured around a different theme, with its own call for proposals open to contributors from all disciplines and backgrounds.

The first issue will be published in fall 2022 and focus on bioremediation.

  • AR, evolved from the Algae Review

Within Atelier LUMA, the Algae Platform cultivates local microalgae both literally and figuratively. Since 2018, the Algae Platform has been building a community of experts and contributors, who we connected through the Algae Review, a newsletter designed as a platform for discussion and reflection.

Drawing on the richness of this experience, we are transforming the Algae Review into AR. This new publication will open up these subjects to new contributors and readers, while also reinforcing our existing community.

  • Why bioremediation?

Bioremediation is understood here to be any technique used to purify or restore an environment (air, water or soil) using microorganisms, plants, mycelium or algae, or the enzymes they produce. Bioremediation is more than just a simple, quantifiable biological process: it means that we, as humans, are taking an active role in repairing ecosystems.

By exploring topics as varied as linguistics, the history of waste treatment systems, the limits of circular economic models, and the invention of new forms of extraction, AR seeks to question the cultural, economic and environmental frameworks tied to bioremediation strategies. Through this questioning, Atelier LUMA aims to reveal the complexity of the challenges related to bioremediation.

  • Submit your proposal

We are inviting contributors from all backgrounds and at any stage of their careers to participate in this exploration, through essays, journalism, fiction, original translation, illustration, photography, scientific articles, art and design exploration or any project related to bioremediation that merits recognition. Contributors who are selected will be compensated at a fixed rate.

To submit your proposal, please send the following information by email to algaeplatform@luma-arles.org:

- A short pitch of your proposed contribution (maximum 200 words)

- If relevant, visuals or illustrations

- A few words about yourself

- Examples of your previous work

- Submissions are accepted in English or French.

The submission deadline is May 20, 2022.

Participations will be selected by the members of the editorial team: Caroline Bianco, Jan Boelen, Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence, Maggie Oran, Justinien Tribillon, Paul Vachon and Johanna Weggelaar.

  • Timeline

May 20, 2022: Deadline for submitting proposals

June 3, 2022: Response from the editorial committee (every proposal will receive a response)

July 1, 2022: Deadline for submitting the complete participation (1500-2000 words for texts)

Fall 2022: Publication of AR#1

The 8 issues of the Algae Review published between 2019 and 2021 are available for download at the following link: Algae Review 2019-2021