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Algae Review - The publication of the Algae Platform

The Algae Review is a publication of Atelier LUMA's Algae Platform dedicated to the knowledge of algae.

For Atelier LUMA, the Algae Review is an educational dissemination tool, a means of communicating with our network, and of bringing together areas of expertise.

The 8 issues, published between November 2019 and March 2021, bring together existing knowledge about algae - from literature to scientific reports to mythology and other disciplines - in a thematic way.

Download Algae Reviews:

Algae Review #1 - November 2019

Algae Review #2 - December 2019

Algae Review #3 - January 2020

Algae Review #4 - February 2020

Algae Review #5 - April 2020

Algae Review #6 - July 2020

Algae Review #7 - October 2020

Algae Review #8 - March 2021

Issue 8 of the Algae Review concluded the first cycle of this publication in March 2021. Its format will evolve to continue to reflect the commitment and missions of Atelier Luma and those of the algae community.