, Sunflower Power

Algae Platform and Sunflower Power featured in the "Waste Age : What can design do?" exhibition at the Design Museum in London

Atelier LUMA is participating in the “Waste Age: What can design do?” exhibition at the Design Museum in London, running through February 20, 2022. Through more than 300 objects, the “Waste Age” exhibition at the Design Museum in London explores how designers are redefining fashion, construction, food, electronics, packaging and more, by designing out waste and creating a more circular economy. The exhibition is divided into three sections: “Peak Waste,” “Precious Waste” and “Post Waste.”

The first section, “Peak Waste,” confronts visitors with the epic scale of global waste, making the case for urgent change. It features designers leading the way in recycling waste into new resources. The wall panels designed by Atelier LUMA as part of the Sunflower Power and Building for Uncertainty projects are exhibited as examples of how to use alternatives to raw materials in our everyday products.

In “Precious Waste” and “Post Waste,” the exhibition focuses on solutions and new thinking. Algae Platform and Local Bioplastic’s Algae Vessels and Algae Tiles are featured in “Post Waste,” which highlights proposals for new, circular methods of production, with a focus on grown rather than extracted materials.

This exhibition is part of Future Observatory, a new national program of research, debate and training from the Design Museum and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Under the framework of this program, designer Samuel Iliffe will continue research into using algae for water treatment that was initiated in partnership with Atelier LUMA.