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Algae Geographies by Algae Platform

Atelier Luma will be in Milan during the “Broken Nature” Triennale from 1st March to 1st September 2019

Algae Geographies investigates new values for wetlands as incubators for locally grown biomaterials. As one of the research directions within Atelier Luma, the project has evolved towards a transnational platform with key partners in the Mediterranean region, tapping onto the unexplored connections between local and raw biomaterials, users, makers and production methods associated with them. Combining design and biology, Algae Geographies proposes new models for circular production through bio- and decentralized fabrication. Simultaneously, it has become an aggregator of knowledge and expertise on algae, exploring innovative ideas and new types of collaborations.

The objects on display showcase the wide range of explorations enabled by this research platform: 3D-printed domestic objects made of microalgae and biopolymers; textiles dyed and printed with algae pigments; biolaminates with algae and starch based polymer; hybrid basketry combining 3D-printing and handweaving and handwoven objects made with wetland fibres that include algae. They draw on cultural archives from the diverse locations where they were produced – Arles, Cairo, Istanbul, Sardinia – and defy the preconceptions with which we value materials and production techniques.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, Algae Geographies will pair its display components with an algae laboratory and a workshop room, where work connecting case studies in biology, design and alternative economies will be further developed and presented.

Algae Geographies by Algae Platform, Atelier Luma / Luma Arles - Co-produced with MEDSEA Foundation.



Vernissage - February 28 Presentation of Algae Geographies/Atelier Luma at Broken Nature symposium - March 1

— RE-OPENING - Design Week 2019

New projects by Samy Rio, Inès Bressand, Is Fainas Co-op, Konstantin Mitrokhov Partner Event Diner-Performance by Vera Scaccabarozzi, the « Stone broth » (by invitation only)

During the 6-month Triennale, Atelier Luma programs and features 3 study cases within its Algae Platform.

— CASE STUDY 1 : Algae Platform

University of Milano Bicocca X Amedeo Fadda (water biologist) Research of Mediterranean algae species and cultivation in the lab. Date: ongoing (March 1 – September 1) ROCPOP Life Consortium Design as a tool to facilitate the re-population of Cystoseira, an endangered seaweed species: cultivation of Cystoseira in the lab of the Algae platform and restorative design in the nature. Date: May – June

— CASE STUDY 2 : Design

MEDSEA Foundation X IS FAINAS Co-Op Revitalizing weaving as part of the wetland ecosystem combining craft and design: hybrid basketry and other design solutions involving Sardinian master weavers. Date: Milan Design Week

Material Lab Expérience X Studio Klarenbeek & Dros 3 day workshop led by Material Lab Experience (TU Delft and Politecnico Milano) around the algae-based bioplastic, challenging the limits of the material and exploring its sensorial experience. Presentation by Studio Klarenbeek & Dros of the Algae Lab developed with Atelier Luma. Date: May – June

Material Balance Research Lab (Politecnico Milano) X University of Milan Prototypes for the integration of algae in public space and architecture Date: July – August

— CASE STUDY 3 : Economy

NEW SOUTH X Master in Green Management, Energy and CSR (Bocconi University) X MEDSEA Foundation Workshop led by New South researching speculative scenarios around the urban, economic and ecological uses of algae-based materials. Date: May – June

Yoshinari Nishiki (TBC) Visions and proposals for a collaborative and inclusive Algae Platform. Date: tbc

— With contributions by:

Studio Klarenbeek & Dros, Lukas Wegwerth (III+1), Buro BELéN, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and HuisVeendam, Vera Scaccabarozzi, Inès Bressand, Mevce Çiraci, Samy Rio, Is Fainas Co-op Designers of the Cairo workshop: Giulio Vinaccia, Deena Mohamed ElMahdy, Ahmed Khaled Abdelazim, Yara Yassin, Rania Rafie, Lina Alorabi, Mai Ashmawy, Esraa Fathy, Sama Omar, Yasmine Elwani, Yousra Yassine, Sara Maher Designers of the Istanbul workshop: Mevce Çiraci, Sarp Susuzer, Tufan İşcan, Rengin Jiyan Kolçak, Beste Tekdoğan, Tahsin İnanıcı, Ayşe Kiper, Colleen O’Neil, Billy Ernst

— Collaborators of the Algae Platform for this installation:

MEDSEA Foundation, University of Milano Bicocca, Materials Experience Lab [TU Delft-NL / Politecnico di Milano-IT], Master in Green Management, Energy and CSR, Bocconi University, Material Balance Research Lab, Politecnico di Milano, Università Statale di Milano, ROCPOP Life Consortium, New South, Amedeo Fadda, Maurizio Naletto, Yoshinari Nishiki, Dutch Art Institute (DAI), and other contributors.

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