, Building For Uncertainties

OS Workshop

In anticipation of Atelier LUMA’s public opening during the first edition of Luma days, the space at the Mécanique Générale has been given new life and sense of cohesion. The Atelier Luma workshop has been furnished with a series of structures designed with the OpenStructures modular hardware system, in collaboration with Lukas Wegwerth. The OpenStructures system encourages non-hierarchical, shared design and construction, an approach that is central to the program and functions of Atelier LUMA as it facilitates exchange, fluidity, and accessibility.

The logistics of housing multiple projects and modes of production in one space provided an interesting challenge, already resulting in valuable lessons about adaptability and improvisation. Alongside the installation of the furniture, activity in the Mécanique Générale has greatly increased as people arrive from near and far for the first Atelier LUMA open house on Saturday, 27 May 2017.