Sunflower Power

Sunflower Power develops biomaterials from coproducts of sunflower oil cultivation and production. Each part of the plant is given value through artisanal and industrial processes.

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Creating high-performance materials that showcase the richness and properties of local sunflower cultivation coproducts.

Sunflower Power develops receipes and production systems for bio-sourced materials in the bioregion, in keeping with the rhythms of the local sunflower industry.

In the Crau plains, Sunflower is cultivated for the oil industry and the head only is harvested. Once the oil is extracted, the protein-rich seeds are compressed into cakes, and the stems are left in the fields.

This cultivation produces a large quantity of organic coproducts that are largely unused such as the stem’s pith, the exterior fibers, and the dark green oil press cakes. All are raw materials that Sunflower Power uses to produce biomaterials.

The grounded stem is combined with organic and mineral binders to produce composite materials with soundproofing capabilities.

After being tested and certified according to architectural norms, wall panels made from this material were developed for the Building for Uncertainties project.

The oil press cakes can be used to create biopolymers. Rigid mono-material objects can be produced using injection processes. Further explored in the Bio Flash project, these experiments have also led to the production of flexible materials, such as vegan leather, through the use of thermomechanical processes.

Project team

  • Atelier LUMA

    Arles, France

  • Domaine de L'Armelière

    Aix-en-Provence, France

  • Ovalie Innovation

    Auch, France


    Toulouse, France

  • Agromat

    Tarbes, France

  • CTTM Centre de Transfert de Technologie du Mans

    Le Mans, France


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