Knowledge Platform

The Knowledge Platform is designed to materialize, make accessible, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge within Atelier LUMA and among its partners. The projects and research are organized into a digital tool and a physical space, which both allow for dynamic contribution and consultation.

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Documenting, preserving, and transferring produced and collected knowledge.

Since its creation in 2017, Atelier LUMA’s mission has been to collectively produce knowledge: the Knowledge Platform materializes this mission. It collects Atelier LUMA’s interdisciplinary projects, applied and theoretical research, and experimental production. It also includes work by members and collaborators, as well as a selection of books and a materials library.

The Knowledge Platform is constantly evolving through dialog between the content and the participants, sharing, and discussion. It allows Atelier LUMA to circulate knowledge and know-how among its participants, including through education and training projects.

In 2021, after two years of research and development, the Knowledge Platform is being rolled out in two forms: a digital tool, and a physical research presentation space.

The digital tool documents, collects, and shares the research conducted at Atelier LUMA. It is structured around open source software developed by a group of contributors. The platform has data visualization capabilities, including mapping tools, which allow it to show participant networks, supply and production chains, and other aspects of project ecosystems. These analyses make it possible to identify potential new projects that could be developed in geographical areas covered by the data.

The Knowledge Platform’s physical space will be housed in Magasin Électrique (implemented through Building for Uncertainties), the building where Atelier LUMA will soon be located and conduct its activities. The physical space centralizes documentation about materials, making it possible to consult samples, models, and objects, as well as books, notebooks, publications, reports, and prototypes.

Project team

  • Atelier LUMA

    Arles, France

  • Mnémotix

    Mandelieu la Napoule, France

  • Master of Science "Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene"

  • Alexandre Monnin

    Clermont Ferrand, France

  • Commonplace Studio

    Amsterdam, Pays Bas


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