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Bio Flash explores using industrial thermomechanical shaping processes to transform the bioregion’s undervalued resources into materials. Because the raw materials are biosourced and the transformation process has a single step, the resulting materials have a low environmental impact.

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Exploring industrial processes for transforming undervalued resources into materials with a strong local identity and minimal environmental impact.

Bio Flash is developing biosourced, high-performance materials with low environmental impacts. Every object produced today has a life cycle, and its environmental impact can be evaluated by looking at its raw materials, processing steps, usage, and eventual destruction. With the goal of optimizing materials’ life cycles, the Bio Flash designers are exploring the properties of local sustainable resources, in order to use them in one-step industrial transformation processes.

The designers have identified undervalued raw materials in the bioregion that can be transformed into materials using thermomechanical processes, without the addition of other components. Extrusion, thermocompression, injection, transfer molding, and spark plasma sintering techniques use heat and pressure to modify the structure of the selected biomass, transforming it into a mono-material output.

Bio Flash is exploring the properties and components of organic agri-food industry coproducts, such as olive and sunflower press cakes (compressed leftovers following oil extraction), and wool generated by sheep farming. Research is also being conducted into invasive plants, which are usually destroyed, and salt, which is abundant in the region.

At the end of these processes, Bio Flash obtains materials that are either solid or flexible. They can be used to produce panels or molded objects that retain the characteristics of the raw material. This means that the materials created through this project have visual and tactile identities that connect them strongly to the bioregion.

In partnership with agro-industrial and phytochemistry labs, the Bio Flash project also experiments with using biomass from additional animal and vegetable sources. The designers establish local channels connecting several different industries, from agriculture to manufacturing, with a view toward encouraging responsible production that uses materials with low environmental impacts.

Project team

  • Atelier LUMA

    Arles, France


    Toulouse, France

  • Agromat

    Tarbes, France

  • SinterMat

    Montbard, France

  • Vegeplast

    Tarbes, France

  • IMT Mines d'Alès

    Alès, France


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